Alien Experience

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Price £120 per person
Duration Up to 3.5 hours
Group Size 1-24
Minimum Age 16+

Prices starting from as little as £110 per person “but it’s worth every penny” How about upgrading to an overnight package as well.

Alien Experience – Your Mission Brief

Clear the supply shuttle of all alien’s intruders with the use of lethal force

Alien Experience will leave you awestruck.

If you are a fan of the Alien films franchise, Star Wars, Doctor Who or Predator then Alien Experience will leave you mesmerized.

Alien Experience has all the blood, sweat and tears of Zombie Boot Camp, the horror of the After Dark experience but with a newer more intelligent twist. Alien Experience now comes with the added hype of a panic room and escape experience. The thinking person’s experience.

It’s got it all and with our pedigree in bringing awesome visceral experience to the UK, Alien Experience will thrill the crowds.

All our Aliens are gender neutral

Read on Sigourney and fellow Colonial Marines

Imagine the experience of teaming up with your fellow crew mates to fight back an Alien attack on your supply vessel. 33,000 square feet of smoke-filled ship to search with limited resources. The Aliens know how to fight and will put up one hell of a battle as you push through the ship to clear them out and secure the hold. You will be armed with a range of weapons to defend yourselves. Our military instructors will help you move from compartment to compartment climbing barricades to find survivors. You will need a full team to get to safety. You can’t leave anyone behind otherwise they will end up as Alien chow. Either carry them forward or evacuate them to the sick bay.

On arrival you will be meet by one of our team and booked in. You will be required read and sign a safety waiver. Then sit down to receive an exciting mission and game play brief from our lead military instructor. You will be issued with a helmet, combat body armour and realistic imitation firearm. You will then get taught how to load, fire and re-ammo up listen to the brief carefully. The group will then be divided into squads and each squad will get a military instructor to help you achieve your aim. Alien Experience then generally runs as one long continuous battle that can last up to 2 hours. Yes that’s 2 hours of crawling, shooting and shouting. The professionally produced audio special effects will blow your mind. Its still freaks me out and we have been using it for over a year.

What previous customers have said about Aliens Experience

“If you want total confusion, a heart pumping, bonkers evening out then this is it. They say no one in space hears your cries. Well it’s the same the army team will only give you a steer it was up to us to achieve the mission. We spent 10 minutes pinned down from all angles, couldn’t move didn’t know what to do. We were told to conserve ammo”.

E Hassan, West Bromwich

Alien Experience will test all your senses as visibility due to smoke and the dark will be greatly restricted. In places, you will be crawling using just your finger tips to search out a safe route.

During the mission phases of the event you can fire your rifles at our Alien actors. The alien actors will react to where they are hit on the body. Multiple hits to the head and torso will result in an Alien falling to the ground, immobilised by your accurate shooting. Hit them in the legs or arms and they will continue to move towards you in an attempt to grapple you to the floor.

Bad shots or players who are not tactically aware will become alien chow. Customers find this none stop action very exciting as it adds realism to their event. Don’t worry our alien actors are well rehearsed and once you have been recovered from a frenzied attack you can continue with your friends on the mission.

If you love the concept of panic or escape rooms then Zombie Boot Camp has it all. The whole event is now indoors across a 30,000 square foot site. On the 2nd mission we completely smoke out all of the units and add lighting which is designed to disorientate you to make the event just that little more difficult.

On the recent pilot games participants said they had to dig deep to find the courage to continue. Read what they had to say about Alien Experience:

“By the end of the experience I really felt the pressure and was surprised how demanding the experience was once you take away visibility every step is challenging. I could almost feel the tension in the knowledge that an alien was in the same room. I dreaded the next explosion as I knew 1 of my mates was about to be taken down with a hail of fire. Never have I been so glad to get into the fresh air”

Jason Smith, Property Developer, Sheffield

How did they do it?

“I like to think of myself as quite rational, I am a keen sportsman, so I keep my self-fit. However, I finished the alien experience a nearly gibbering wreck. I really don’t know how long we were in there for. Around every corner another challenge I was asked to crawl down a tunnel on my own to retrieve some ammo, never again the reception at the end was a bit harrowing. At the end, I asked myself how did they do it? It’s probably the most extreme evening out I have ever had. If you think you’re a bit of a lad go and have a go I challenge you.”

Gavin James, Oil and Gas Worker, Inverness

Alcohol Policy


No Alcohol No Alcohol No Alcohol

We smell alcohol on your breath or see you drinking an alcoholic beverage on site before or during the event then its all over. No Alcohol. YOU WILL NOT BE TAKING PART. If we need to explain the reasons for this then you are an idiot.

Attention Adults! Alcohol Policy


No Alcohol No Alcohol No Alcohol

We smell alcohol on your breath or see you drinking an alcoholic beverage on site before or during the event then its all over. No Alcohol. YOU WILL NOT BE TAKING PART. If we need to explain the reasons for this then you are an idiot.

Need More Info?

If you have any more questions no matter how small call us on the zombie response line: 01299 253 692 or mobile: 07795 522 770

Or e- mail the Zombie Response HQ at

Fancy staying overnight?

Add more fun now

The overnight package really adds a punch to any event, choose the type of event that best suits you (zombies, Mexican cartel or aliens) then relax and spend the evening with your friends. Our chill out zone continues with the theme and our bunk bed accommodation adds that element of realism.

We offer basic bunk bed accommodation “it’s clean, dry and safe” we recommend you bring along a sleeping bag and pillow (we can rent you a sleeping bag if needed but please tell us in advance).

As part of the overnight package you will have the use of our chill out zone please call us to discuss options.

As part of the overnight package we offer a hot breakfast sandwich with tea or coffee.

The benefits of the overnight package: you save money as there are no hidden charges for parking or hotel accommodation. Breakfast is cheap, hearty and tasty. Choosing to use our chill out zone will take the sting out of expensive bar bills.

We allow our guests to bring their own alcohol with reason for this we charge a fee of £10 per person which is paid in cash to the staff member supervising the evening.

Please Note:

By booking an event, you accept our terms and conditions.
Events may be subject to change if minimum numbers are not reached, Sunday tickets are only transferable to another Sunday.
Stay overnight for just £10 per person (payable on site ONLY) – this includes military style cab bunks & breakfast. Please speak to us regarding alcohol policy.
Note that overnight bookings consist of general public, stag and hen parties.
If the date you are seeking is showing as not available, please get in touch as we may still have availability!

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