Nazi Zombie Experience

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Price £120 per person
Duration Up to 3.5 hours (evening)
Group Size 1-24
Minimum Age 16+

A zombie experience with a sinister plot. If you like zombies and are interested in the twisted tyranny of the Nazi regime then give this zombie experience a go. We are not right-wing narcissistic fascists looking to idolise the Swastika. We just think the scenario is a cool fun idea. Capitalising on a whole host of Nazi Zombie films and computer games, Nazi Zombie is just offering a first-person gaming element to the genre. The 3rd Reich and Adolf Hitler evidently done lots of nasty things, but they did build great tanks (panzers).

Nazi Zombies gives us the opportunity to develop a slightly more intelligent zombie. Zombies that can think and act react to a situation but still enjoy a big bite of human flesh. Why shouldn’t zombies have machine guns and grenades?

Loving the brief then keep reading. You have the potential to get your own back on these freaky characters. Could you and your mates have changed history. This is your D Day live it.

Nazi Zombie Experience: After Dark

Imagine you have been transported back to occupied France in 1944 Operation Overlord (the D Day Landings) are only weeks away. You are part of a team of SOE agents who have been tasked with destroying a top-secret Nazi research facility.

The Brief

Meet up with Colour Sergeant Dickie Bird an airborne commando from the Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Light Infantry.

The Nazi war machine has been working tirelessly to come up with a biological weapon to stop the advance of the Allies in Western Europe.

“Betried Wohn Toten” translation “Operation Living Dead”

The Nazis are in a race against time to develop a deadly plague that could turn the allies into an army of zombies that would tear each other to pieces? Using the V2 Rocket the chemical can be fired as far as London from their launch pads in Northern France.

The Nazis are holding the chemicals inside a secret hanger RAF reconnaissance flights have reported trucks delivering barrels of an unknown origin to the site and then the French resistance have said the SS are then transporting bales of chemical to nearby railway yards.

Bomber Command have said it is too risky to strike the site from the air and a large parachute drop of commandos would put Operation Overlord in jeopardy. The only way deemed having any possibility of success would be to insert a small team of agents “you”.

The Zombies

It is believed the chemical once ingested by the victim quickly turns the host into a comatose state for approximately 15 minutes. On awakening the host shows several disturbing characteristics:

  • An inability to reason
  • A desire to attack its human victims
  • An inability to feel pain
  • No fear
  • A desire to consume the flesh of the living
  • A pack mentality

The only deterrent is to use lethal force, to that end you will be issued with an assault rifle and ammunition.

Nazi Zombie Experience Mission

On arrival at your rendezvous you will meet up with Colour Sergeant Dickie Bird. He will book you in and issue you with the equipment you require. You will be broken down into 2 combat squads we will need someone to step up to take command.

Colour Sgt Dickie Bird will then brief you up in detail in preparation for the mission.

Squads will then head of to destroy the stockpile of chemicals.

Each squad will take part in 2 x missions so plenty of scope to kill zombies.

Caution some of you will not make it.

Enemy Forces

The Nazi site is guarded by an elite squad of Waffen SS these battle-hardened veterans of the Russian front will stop you in your tracks. They are led by their notoriously vicious leader Major von Bitten. The zombies are believed to be reanimated dead German soldiers, placed to guard the chemicals.

“I was slightly surprised to see a zombie firing an MP44 up the corridor, fabtastic sound effects”

Russel J, Newport Pagnell

The rest is up to you?

During the mission phases of the event you can fire your rifles at our zombie actors. The zombie actors will react to where they are hit on the body. Multiple hits to the head and torso will result in a zombie falling to the ground, immobilised by your accurate shooting. Hit them in the legs or arms and they will continue to move towards you in an attempt to grapple you to the floor.

Bad shots or players who are not tactically aware will become zombie chow. The zombie actors will close with you and attempt to simulate biting a chunk out of your neck. Customers find this none stop action very exciting as it adds realism to their event. Don’t worry our zombie actors are well rehearsed and once you have been recovered from a frenzied attack you can continue with your friends on the mission.

If you love the concept of panic or escape rooms then Zombie Boot Camp has it all. The whole event is now indoors across a 30,000 square foot site. On the 2nd mission we completely smoke out all of the units and add lighting which is designed to disorientate you to make the event just that little more difficult.

“I have always been interested in zombies, gaming and the German war machine of World War 2. So Nazi Zombies was the perfect way to mix it up. I wasn’t sure what to expect and I was not disappointed. Initially it was a very strange experience. My mates and I laughed as we watched the German guards run across to where we were standing. A German speaking officer shouted at us to kneel we stopped laughing when a large blond-haired soldier punched my mate in the mouth, that certainly got our attention. I certainly understand what under the jackboot meant when I had one pressing down on my back. It was so weird and strangely believable. The uniforms, shouting and been dragged along by the collar was excessive but also fun. Don’t worry things lightened up when we were rescued by the commandos. However, the initial start was freaky it worked and made the experience unbelievable. If you are a bit of a tart or take you yourself to seriously you just won’t get it. But if you want something different then I whole heartedly recommend this as a good night out”.

Johnny B, London

Kit and Equipment

Our team of military instructors will hasten your heart rate and quickly issue your kit:

  • Tin Hat
  • Body Armour
  • Leg & Arm Protectors
  • Corn beef sandwich
  • Rifle

Wear clothing that suits an apocalyptic struggle with man handling blood stained Zombies who want to mob you to the ground.

Alcohol Policy


No Alcohol No Alcohol No Alcohol

We smell alcohol on your breath or see you drinking an alcoholic beverage on site before or during the event then its all over. No Alcohol. YOU WILL NOT BE TAKING PART. If we need to explain the reasons for this then you are an idiot.

Attention Adults! Alcohol Policy


No Alcohol No Alcohol No Alcohol

We smell alcohol on your breath or see you drinking an alcoholic beverage on site before or during the event then its all over. No Alcohol. YOU WILL NOT BE TAKING PART. If we need to explain the reasons for this then you are an idiot.

Need More Info?

If you have any more questions no matter how small call us on the zombie response line: 01299 253 692 or mobile: 07795 522 770

Or e- mail the Zombie Response HQ at

Fancy staying overnight?

Add more fun now

The overnight package really adds a punch to any event, choose the type of event that best suits you (zombies, Mexican cartel or aliens) then relax and spend the evening with your friends. Our chill out zone continues with the theme and our bunk bed accommodation adds that element of realism.

We offer basic bunk bed accommodation “it’s clean, dry and safe” we recommend you bring along a sleeping bag and pillow (we can rent you a sleeping bag if needed but please tell us in advance).

As part of the overnight package you will have the use of our chill out zone please call us to discuss options.

As part of the overnight package we offer a hot breakfast sandwich with tea or coffee.

The benefits of the overnight package: you save money as there are no hidden charges for parking or hotel accommodation. Breakfast is cheap, hearty and tasty. Choosing to use our chill out zone will take the sting out of expensive bar bills.

We allow our guests to bring their own alcohol with reason for this we charge a fee of £10 per person which is paid in cash to the staff member supervising the evening.

Please Note:

By booking an event, you accept our terms and conditions.
Events may be subject to change if minimum numbers are not reached, Sunday tickets are only transferable to another Sunday.
Stay overnight for just £10 per person (payable on site ONLY) – this includes military style cab bunks & breakfast. Please speak to us regarding alcohol policy.
Note that overnight bookings consist of general public, stag and hen parties.
If the date you are seeking is showing as not available, please get in touch as we may still have availability!

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