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The story continues

The story continues

I was asked yesterday to make a few comments about the lead news article with the BBC concerning the potential incarceration of a guy who has been selling a range of zombie killing knives. I was surprised into days’ age that people would get excited about such a thing and especially sending someone to prison.

I said a hatchet (small hand held axe for chopping wood) from any high street DIY store had the potential to do more damage to Zombies with far lesskinetic energy. The zombie knives are for the enthusiast with little real value in the close combat world. In all probability young men will buy such an item play around the back garden with it for an hour before banishing said item to the top draw in his bed side table in anticipation of World War Z.

Zombie Knives are a bad choice when defending yourself against a member of the walking dead, you need to get far too close and use a lot of effort to fight off zombies who feel no pain or fear. Use something that you can use at arm’s length such as a garden shovel.

We also discussed that the interest in zombies and the zombie apocalypse still hasn’t diminished, if anything interest continues to grow; this August events are sold out to capacity in many cases. Our evening immersive horror events have doubled in size to meet this growing customer demand. Back in 2010 the anticipation was that Zombie Boot Camp and our zombie events had a life span of no more than 2 years how wrong we were; we are currently selling tickets for next year and in some cases we have had enquires for 2018.

What is the future of immersive horror?

We have listened to feedback from many of our previous  customers and one theme that has continually been asked for is a prison themed immersive event. So about 4 months ago I sat down with a pen, notebook and few ideas then sketched out a layout for a prison.

A name had to be chosen to generate interest and secondly using as few words as possible be descriptive. Initially Prison Break was considered but that had potential copy right infringement implications with the successful TV series. Then Jail Break was agreed but this name proved problematic as the title Jail Break proved confusing for future customers. During consultation people immediately thought that the event would involve them as inmates and attempting escape. We have finally settled on the name Prison Riot with the descriptive strap line “a hell of a night” which we hope will appeal to our main target customer group of male stag parties.

Prison Riot

Prison Riot ends up exactly as the title suggests a riot in a set designed to look like the wing of a busy prison or in the USA a correction centre.

The plot is based around the correction officers (the customers) you, struggling to sort out a series of challenging and demanding scenarios. The plot follows a loose story line led by the grumpy and bad tempered governor. Unlike our other events Prison Riot has 2 central characters The Governor and the Monk a violent, manipulative inmate who is able to control the other prisoners.

The event has been described as “The Crystal Maze on Crack” (crystal maze was a popular TV game show in the 1990s involving a group of contestants solving riddles not an addictive drug, however crack is an addictive drug); this fast paced action packed event leads little time for reflection as the prison guards are fired from 1 incident to another. The layout of A Wing is designed to put the guards under as much pressure as possible. The guards will have to take delivery of prisoners, organise the governors’ inspection, lock down the wing and finally quell a serious break down in law and order the prison riot.

The finale will involve a team of highly trained prison officers initiating a highly charged intervention in the Secure Housing Wing (SHU) using mock CS gas and flash bangs to bring the inmates under control.

Not all the inmates are crazed, psychopaths some need nurturing but have veiled issues.

We are running a trial event on the evening of the 25th August with 18 willing guinea pigs recruited almost instantaneously using our Facebook page, hurrah for social media. The willing volunteers are up for a challenge and have been briefed what to expect. Well not quite everything!
We also need an event that could be easily shaped to suit both our adrenaline seeking stag parties (hen parties as well) and to meet the needs of our corporate clients. Not all customers want a manic fight to the death lathered in sweat and snot. Some want more of a team based event enabling the work force to bond and improve verbal communication.

Don’t forget to take a look at our newest venture – AIRSOFT COMMANDO – the UKs newest and most innovative airsoft experience where participants engage in simulated combat with military style weaponry and strategy. Airsoft uses 6mm round BBs made of hard plastic. The guns used are full scale replicas of actual forces weapons.  Airsoft Commando – Airsoft just got serious

I will sign off now and be back with the outcome of the Prison Riot pilot event on the 25th August

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