BlogWhat to expect at a zombie event?

What to expect at a zombie event?

What to expect at a zombie event?

On arrival, the staff set the scene.  As the staff are all ex-army this is easy to do. At Zombie Boot Camp, we start off by decontamination. Boots first, then hands and head, making sure to rub that decontamination powder into the hair. Hilarious fun and a great way of breaking the ice. Once decontaminated then it’s kit issue and a concise safety brief.

Now it’s boot camp. 2 short fast paced periods to get you ready to face the zombie hoard. Firstly, riot training, learn how to wield a baton and hold a riot shield. Move in formation, listen to the words of command. Then it’s Close Quarter Battle (CQB) get a rifle and find out how to clear out a building of the walking dead.

Time for a break  – before the 1st of 2 mission briefs.

Mission 1:  pile in to a van and speed of to quell an outbreak of freshly contaminated zombies and search for survivors. Leap off the van grab a riot shield and fight to the death. This mission is physical as those zombies need a good battering to go down. Once you have cleared the compound its back on the van to be re-briefed for mission 2.

Mission 2: grab a gun, pull down your helmet visors and get ready to go again. Its back on the van, speed off, jump off the van, make sure your safety if off and blast away. Stack up, follow your military instructor and get inside the building to wipe out the infection.

Finally, after 4 hours,  peel off your body armour, recover your composure, flop into a chair and get de-briefed. It’s a rollercoaster of excitement and you are probably glad it over?

Remember no matter how hard we try,  zombies are fictional characters and the zombies who work on our events are living.

A zombie experience is a fantastic day out if you are part of a stag party, hen group, corporate group or just a couple of mates.

Zombie Experiences are an alternative to the more traditional day out –  give it a go.

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