Zombie Boot Camp

Additional Information

Price £99 SATURDAY, £69 SUNDAY
Duration Upto 3.5 hours
Group Size 1-40
Minimum Age 14+
Reviews 6 reviews

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Well done you are only a few clicks away or a telephone call from booking an amazing day out with us. The dedicated team at Zombie Boot Camp the UK’s original zombie experience are waiting to turn your expectation into a reality. We are passionate about what we do your enjoyment is our highest priority. So, enlist to day and join those that have come before you if you don’t believe us see what our customers have said about us on Trip Advisor. Please continue reading as we explain what this unbelievable, immersive experience has to offer.

Prices start from as little as £59 pp (please ask for details)

What to expect

Enjoy the fun and drama of a great Zombie Experience based at our purpose-built site in the West Midlands.

Experience a zombie apocalypse form both perspectives fight for lives as a survivor or go for the kill as a zombie.

Zombie Boot Camp allows you to immerse yourselves for up to 3 hours. Arrive with an open mind and be prepared to be thrilled to death.

Brief Description of what to expect

On arrival you will book in and receive a briefing from our military instructors (MI) Survivor’s will be issued with a realistic imitation firearm (RIF), combat body armour and helmet. Our MI’s will then teach you how to fire, reload and use the RIF. Survivors will be squadded into sections and each section will be allocated with an MI to assist you during the mission. MI’s are there to advise and guide not lead you. In a real zombie outbreak survivor will need to fend for themselves.

The other half, the zombies will be whisked of to get made up as zombies: chose an outfit and get made up splash on as much gore as you want “we like our zombies as bloody as possible. Zombies will be issued with an electronic collar which activates when hit by the survivor’s assault rifle. Our staff members will take the lead and coordinate the zombie attack.

“We didn’t quite know what to expect on arrival at zombie boot camp, the staff were ace and quickly got us into character. Personally, I loved been a zombie the most, hiding in the shadows waiting to attack the unsuspecting survivors. But then I also loved been a survivor, best of both worlds so to speak. From the moment we got there it was full on, not going to tell you any more, try it for yourselves”.

Louise, Stockport.

About the mission

We have a 24-acre urban site and a purpose built 32,000 square foot in door gaming area. Based on the number of players and weather conditions you could find yourself patrolling the streets in a zombie response vehicle or fighting through a zombie lair of darkened rooms, crawl ways and tunnels. The layout is designed to make it difficult for survivors to navigate. To this we add smoke, light and noise to bombard your senses. Don’t hold back forget reality and immerse in an awesome zombie experience.

“At times I didn’t no my left hand from my right hand, and was very frightening to boot. All I had was a torch on my rifle, so dark at times. 40 minutes seemed like a Nano second. So hard to fix a zombie in the chaos realised how vulnerable we would be in a real zombie infection”.

Danny H, South London.


Our Military Instructors will point you in the right direction and attempt to keep control but quickly are hell can break loose. Natural leaders will come to the surface and attempt to take control. The site is extensive based across 2 floors which will become disorienting. Once your ammo has been fired off then you will have to run back to re-ammo to get back in the battle. Its really important that you listen to your briefing at the start of the event.

“No joke I ended up in a room on my own with 3 zombies I didn’t stand a chance they were on me like a pack of dogs. Before I knew it, I was on my back looking up at a face covered in gore. In reality I would have been someone or somethings dinner”.

Andy (The Destroyer) Woking, Surrey


At the end of the first battle you will have a 30 minute well earned break, but very quickly its over and its back to business those zombies are not going to kill themselves. After a quick wash, up the ex-zombies get to shoot back as survivors. And the now-zombies get a chance to get their own back.

Throughout the event we will take photos of you and your friends which you can buy at the end.

“No time to sit around it was up and at them from the start, this was my brother and I’s second visit to zombie boot camp. We both loved having the chance to be a survivor and a zombie. The last time we came the waiting around was a bit tedious, so this version was much, much better. The part using the zombie response vehicle was so exciting. Flashing lights and sirens on as we fired at the zombies attempting to attack us. So well crafted”.

Dean and Darren S, Milton Keynes.


Zombie Boot Camp as with all of our immersive horror, adrenaline events need a reasonable amount of physical fitness. But please don’t allow this to put you off we can always tailor something to meet your needs. Dress practicably, fighting zombies can be a dirty business so wear long trousers and trainers or boots. Flip flops are unsuitable so are shorts (if you turn up in flip flops then be prepared to be issued with a pair of boots).


* Terms and conditions apply

Alcohol Policy


No Alcohol No Alcohol No Alcohol

We smell alcohol on your breath or see you drinking an alcoholic beverage on site before or during the event then its all over. No Alcohol. YOU WILL NOT BE TAKING PART. If we need to explain the reasons for this then you are an idiot.

Attention Adults! Alcohol Policy


No Alcohol No Alcohol No Alcohol

We smell alcohol on your breath or see you drinking an alcoholic beverage on site before or during the event then its all over. No Alcohol. YOU WILL NOT BE TAKING PART. If we need to explain the reasons for this then you are an idiot.

Need More Info?

If you have any more questions no matter how small call us on the zombie response line: 01299 253 692 or mobile: 07795 522 770

Or e- mail the Zombie Response HQ at info@zombiebootcamp.co.uk

Fancy staying overnight?

Add more fun now

The overnight package really adds a punch to any event, choose the type of event that best suits you (zombies, Mexican cartel or aliens) then relax and spend the evening with your friends. Our chill out zone continues with the theme and our bunk bed accommodation adds that element of realism.

We offer basic bunk bed accommodation “it’s clean, dry and safe” we recommend you bring along a sleeping bag and pillow (we can rent you a sleeping bag if needed but please tell us in advance).

As part of the overnight package you will have the use of our chill out zone please call us to discuss options.

As part of the overnight package we offer a hot breakfast sandwich with tea or coffee.

The benefits of the overnight package: you save money as there are no hidden charges for parking or hotel accommodation. Breakfast is cheap, hearty and tasty. Choosing to use our chill out zone will take the sting out of expensive bar bills.

We allow our guests to bring their own alcohol with reason for this we charge a fee of £10 per person which is paid in cash to the staff member supervising the evening.

Please Note:

By booking an event, you accept our terms and conditions.
Events may be subject to change if minimum numbers are not reached, Sunday tickets are only transferable to another Sunday.
Stay overnight for just £10 per person (payable on site ONLY) – this includes military style cab bunks & breakfast. Please speak to us regarding alcohol policy.
Note that overnight bookings consist of general public, stag and hen parties.
If the date you are seeking is showing as not available, please get in touch as we may still have availability!

Experience Reviews

Great afternoon killing zombies, the crew were brilliant, the scenario was great and the zombies died. I was still smiling hours later.
Highly recomend this experience

Absolutely epic!! To say it’s brutal is an understatement, I basically got my ass kicked by some zombies and loved every moment! The guys are brilliant they take no crap and give it back as much as they take it! Bruised and battered .

Loved every minute from the time we arrived.
left with a few bruises and aching limbs. bit of advice go to the Gym for a few weeks before.

The staff are amazing, the whole day for me being a survivor and zombie was an experience i’ll never forgot.

Awesome fun! Get a few mates together and you’ll love it!!

Absolutely F*****g brilliant, everyone should do this!

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