Zombie Boot Camp 2: After Dark

Additional Information

Price £120 per person
Duration Up to 3.5 hours (evening)
Group Size 1-24
Minimum Age 16+
Reviews 2 reviews

If you are a crazy adventure seeking nutter then please read on. Snowflakes need not apply.

Zombie Boot Camp “After Dark” is the night time version of the day version, with a few nasty twists. This zombie adrenaline event is perfect for groups who want to make a night of it. The most popular package is do the event and stay over with us. Turn all the lights of and things get a whole lot more challenging. A bunch of zombies in a poorly lit room is one thing a bunch of zombies in a pitch-black room is another. Discover skills you thought you never had you will need a 6th sense to survive contact. One of our customers described our “after dark zombie experience” as a panic room on crack.

What should you expect on arrival?

On arrival which should be a about 30 minutes before the event is due to start you will be greeted by one of our staff members. You will then read and sign a safety waiver before receiving a safety, mission brief form one of our military instructors. Come dressed for battle we recommend long trousers and a sweat shirt. We insist that you wear trainers or boots. No flip flops please.

Dependent on group sizes and climatic conditions our military instructors will have organised a scenario and mission brief. For private stag and hen parties we can put together a mission to meet your expectations so give us a quick call.

Let us worry about making your event meet your expectations you just need to immerse yourselves in the fun.

All survivors will be issued as standard with a realistic imitation firearm, combat body armour and helmet.

Sit back and suck up the briefing you will be amazed to find out that the threat of a zombie is not unimaginable. On completion of the briefing you will be squadded into sections and each section will be allocated a military instructor. Your military instructor will show you how to hold and fire your rifle; how to reload and find extra ammunition.

The Mission

The mission is based on you the “survivors” searching out and destroying a horde of zombies. Our purpose-built venue comprises of 33,000 square feet of gaming area. You will need to negotiate smoke filled corridors, tunnels (which has zombies in them) crawl ways, stairways and lots of pitch-black space. We don’t make it easy for you, you will be against the clock. The site is strewn with obstacles just waiting to catch you out and of course there are the zombies. Even in the dark they now every nock and cranny, just when you think it’s safe to move, they will be all over you. Yes, you have a rifle but sometimes that’s just not enough.

“From the briefing it looked pretty straight forward go in kill some zombies then back for tea and medals, how wrong was I. By the 2nd part of the mission I was totally lost I could hear my friends, but I couldn’t see them. I was on my own well at least I thought I was. Before I new what was happening, I was getting dragged across the floor then dragged through a hole in the wall, I lost my rifle somewhere, I was finished. I just kept screaming I was in the zone and drowning in my own most inner fears. Then I was again on my own. How can I explain the experience: escape room, panic room, living a nightmare? Ladies if you think you have what it takes try this experience you will not be disappointed”.

Karen J, Senior buying Manager, major UK brand

Depending how fiendish our instructors feel then to compound the pain they will add a number of objectives to achieve “forget something and you are going back in” in the past we have had stag groups, hen parties, the Royal Marines and corporate customers suck up the misery. With corporate groups we like to make the experience even more competitive. There are no runners up in a zombie infection just zombie chow.

“How can I describe this we have had 40 minutes of insanity and we are sitting there looking at each other, there are 6 of left we have 4 x ammo boxes, a stretcher with a casualty on it and 4 jerrycans. We have now got to crawl through a 50-metre tunnel. Not only that the army guy with us said we need to get a move on. We can here about 10 zombies heading towards us. And I am sure I can see something moving in the tunnel, it’s not nice”.

Graham M, Survivor, Hertfordshire

If you are interested in spending about 3 hours of your time fighting for your lives against a zombie hoard on a Friday or Saturday evening, please get in touch. Be confident by booking with us we will make your dreams come true and you will be a hero for ever.

Alcohol Policy


No Alcohol No Alcohol No Alcohol

We smell alcohol on your breath or see you drinking an alcoholic beverage on site before or during the event then its all over. No Alcohol. YOU WILL NOT BE TAKING PART. If we need to explain the reasons for this then you are an idiot.

Attention Adults! Alcohol Policy


No Alcohol No Alcohol No Alcohol

We smell alcohol on your breath or see you drinking an alcoholic beverage on site before or during the event then its all over. No Alcohol. YOU WILL NOT BE TAKING PART. If we need to explain the reasons for this then you are an idiot.

Need More Info?

If you have any more questions no matter how small call us on the zombie response line: 01299 253 692 or mobile: 07795 522 770

Or e- mail the Zombie Response HQ at info@zombiebootcamp.co.uk

Fancy staying overnight?

Add more fun now

The overnight package really adds a punch to any event, choose the type of event that best suits you (zombies, Mexican cartel or aliens) then relax and spend the evening with your friends. Our chill out zone continues with the theme and our bunk bed accommodation adds that element of realism.

We offer basic bunk bed accommodation “it’s clean, dry and safe” we recommend you bring along a sleeping bag and pillow (we can rent you a sleeping bag if needed but please tell us in advance).

As part of the overnight package you will have the use of our chill out zone please call us to discuss options.

As part of the overnight package we offer a hot breakfast sandwich with tea or coffee.

The benefits of the overnight package: you save money as there are no hidden charges for parking or hotel accommodation. Breakfast is cheap, hearty and tasty. Choosing to use our chill out zone will take the sting out of expensive bar bills.

We allow our guests to bring their own alcohol with reason for this we charge a fee of £10 per person which is paid in cash to the staff member supervising the evening.

Please Note:

By booking an event, you accept our terms and conditions.
Events may be subject to change if minimum numbers are not reached, Sunday tickets are only transferable to another Sunday.
Stay overnight for just £10 per person (payable on site ONLY) – this includes military style cab bunks & breakfast. Please speak to us regarding alcohol policy.
Note that overnight bookings consist of general public, stag and hen parties.
If the date you are seeking is showing as not available, please get in touch as we may still have availability!

Experience Reviews

Just finished Boot Camp 2. My only dispointment was that it finished. From arrival to departure the team were fantastic. From military instructors running you through preparation to real life actors playing zombies in complex urban terrain, the experience is unlike any other ‘shooting’ based simulation. I would thoroughly recommend this to anyone. Whether you have military experience or just like watching 28 days later, try this out. Cheers Dickie and James!

Absolutely amazing.
Great team and set up.

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