Zombie School

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Price £39.99
Duration Up to 4 hours
Group Size 1-4. Please contact us for larger bookings.
Minimum Age 14+
Reviews 3 reviews

Fancy doing something totally different then zombie school is the perfect escape from reality.

Be a zombie it’s fun and 100% reduces stress. If you hate pamper days and spars well zombie school is a perfect outing or a great gift for a friend who needs to let their hair down.

If you are buying tickets for a friend or family member as a gift experience firstly ask yourself, do, they like zombies, have they got a good sense of humour, are they OK with makeup, they will have e to negotiate dark spaces and come into contact with other humans. If the answers are all yes, then keep reading.

What’s happens on Zombie School

Firstly, do want to come to a day or night event?

Once you have booked your tickets, plan to arrive on the day of the event about 30 minutes before the start to book in. Once you have booked in you will receive a briefing about safety and what the event entails.

Next its makeup and choose a costume or bring along your own outfit. Makeup is bloody but funny if you are a zombie fan then enhance your own makeup. If you don’t want to get messy then we have a few cleaner alternatives.

Zombie Wedding Day Carnage

Couldn’t wait to get going so we all turned up made up ready for the zombie apocalypse we got a few funny looks on our drive down from Chester. We choose to come as a zombie bride and zombie bridesmaids. Amazing fun. We enjoyed it so much we all went out on the evening still in character and partied hard.

Pamela Green and friends, Chester

1 of our team will then take you on a tour of the site to familiarise you on the layouts and how we manage the missions. Start looking for great places to jump out and bite a survivor (this is not literal you can’t actually bite other people).

Zombie School are then grouped together and 1 of our staff members will be your lead. Or you need to do is follow our instructions and have a great time. As you get more confident then you can add your own creativity. Generally, the sweatier you are the sweeter the event.

The survivors have a realistic imitation firearm that fires an infra-red beam at a collar you wear around your neck. If the survivor shoots straight and hits you then your collar illuminates telling us that you have had a head shoot and you have been exterminated. Die painfully and once its clear to do so our staff will bring you back to life to attack again and again. You will be hidden in the dark and smoke hiding ready to pounce on an unfortunate survivor. The more theatrical you are the better the experience. Remember its about having fun and escapism please don’t take it too seriously.

You can grab a survivor’s leg or smoother them on the ground however we do not need any Kung Fu pandas or bullies. Everyone is here to enjoy themselves overly aggressive behaviour is not good.

Traditionally small groups of up to 4 and couples choose zombie school if you want something a little more immersive then be a survivor and zombie on our day or evening zombie boot camp.

Something Different

I purchased tickets for myself, husband sister and her hubby. I love zombies but was unsure what the others would think about doing a zombie experience. Well I wasn’t disappointed it was such great fun, running around, shouting and screaming covered in stage blood. I nearly wet myself laughing. We were together throughout the experience. Great photos and I burned off some serious calories ready for our evening drinking session. Can’t recommend enough 11 out of 10.

Jenny K, Glasgow


We look forward to seeing you soon.

Alcohol Policy


No Alcohol No Alcohol No Alcohol

We smell alcohol on your breath or see you drinking an alcoholic beverage on site before or during the event then its all over. No Alcohol. YOU WILL NOT BE TAKING PART. If we need to explain the reasons for this then you are an idiot.

Attention Adults! Alcohol Policy


No Alcohol No Alcohol No Alcohol

We smell alcohol on your breath or see you drinking an alcoholic beverage on site before or during the event then its all over. No Alcohol. YOU WILL NOT BE TAKING PART. If we need to explain the reasons for this then you are an idiot.

Need More Info?

If you have any more questions no matter how small call us on the zombie response line: 01299 253 692 or mobile: 07795 522 770

Or e- mail the Zombie Response HQ at info@zombiebootcamp.co.uk

Fancy staying overnight?

Add more fun now

The overnight package really adds a punch to any event, choose the type of event that best suits you (zombies, Mexican cartel or aliens) then relax and spend the evening with your friends. Our chill out zone continues with the theme and our bunk bed accommodation adds that element of realism.

We offer basic bunk bed accommodation “it’s clean, dry and safe” we recommend you bring along a sleeping bag and pillow (we can rent you a sleeping bag if needed but please tell us in advance).

As part of the overnight package you will have the use of our chill out zone please call us to discuss options.

As part of the overnight package we offer a hot breakfast sandwich with tea or coffee.

The benefits of the overnight package: you save money as there are no hidden charges for parking or hotel accommodation. Breakfast is cheap, hearty and tasty. Choosing to use our chill out zone will take the sting out of expensive bar bills.

We allow our guests to bring their own alcohol with reason for this we charge a fee of £10 per person which is paid in cash to the staff member supervising the evening.

Please Note:

By booking an event, you accept our terms and conditions.
Events may be subject to change if minimum numbers are not reached, Sunday tickets are only transferable to another Sunday.
Stay overnight for just £10 per person (payable on site ONLY) – this includes military style cab bunks & breakfast. Please speak to us regarding alcohol policy.
Note that overnight bookings consist of general public, stag and hen parties.
If the date you are seeking is showing as not available, please get in touch as we may still have availability!

Experience Reviews

love this place x

Can’t wait to come back. There ain’t a better way to spend the day totally emersed in the experience and getting away from the daily grind.

By the end of the day my sides hurt from laughing, I was exausted from the physical interaction and I had a massive smile on my face. See you again soon

5 star experience

One of the best experiences ever! I bought the experience for an 18th Birthday present for my best mate. You’re treated really well, even though the lads look scary they are secretly sweethearts! We had the best time being made up and being able to go mad and act like a lunatic! All the guys are hilarious but prepare yourself for some good lad banter. Will definitely be back again to battle our zombie lads!


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