BlogZombie ‘Sten’ Do’s – Mr Sensible, Mr I’m game for everything

Zombie ‘Sten’ Do’s – Mr Sensible, Mr I’m game for everything

Zombie ‘Sten’ Do’s – Mr Sensible, Mr I’m game for everything

Zombie ‘Sten’ Do’s have become increasingly popular at Zombie Boot Camp. As the main contact for both Hen’s and Stag’s its nice for me to see the natural merge into a joint party! Up until recent months I have predominantly dealt with the Stag’s but it seems the Hens want some real action with the boys now! The Hens are putting their foot down and joining the boys to show them what its all about… they want some ZOMBIE action!

On a weekly basis I am speaking to Stag’s and the best men, planning your usual stag do, the banter that comes with it is fantastic and one of the reasons I love my job so much. Knowing that I can help create the ultimate stag do and give the lads a send off they wont forget is what its all about, right? Well you’d think so but now I get to book the STEN do’s. Its fabulous as we have seen a new clientele join in on the action.

We get several times of stag groups: Mr Sensible, Mr I’m game for everything, Mr Suprise and then Mr I want my fiancée.

So here goes:

Mr Sensible books Zombie Boot Camp knowing that the stag group are going to love the event, its manly and full contact. Its the right way to send off the stag and have a great time in the process. Meanwhile Mr Sensible is phoning up asking a 101 questions about how the event will run and to make sure the stag group aren’t stitching him up.

Mr I’m game for anything is truly awesome. He books the event and asks to have everything thrown at him. He is game for anything and everything including coming looking like fairy in his lovely pink tutu!

Mr Surprise, well now he has no clue as to what he is about to experience as the best man has kept it ALL from him. We often have a whole bus full of lads turn up and only the best man knows what is happening. The look on their faces is priceless when confronted with out army lads marching them through decontamination.

Now, my person favourite, Mr Inclusive. Mr inclusive phones me up and asks to do a joint hen and stag do because he simply doesn’t want to experience such an awesome event without his future wife. Sweet right? There are so many reasons as to why this is the best option! You get to survive the most realistic zombie experience with the love of your life, you save money to spend more n your wedding or buying that dream house! You get all your friends together, as if you anything like me half my friends had to go on the stag do rather than my hen do as they was the wrong sex! You get to enjoy the after party together! Why should the stags get all the fun anyway?

The other day I had a phone call regarding another Sten do, in the background I hear the hen laughing and the pure excitement she had in her voice that she was attending zombie boot camp was priceless. An event she said that she would never have been able to do if it was a sole hen do as she wouldn’t have been able to persuade the girls to do on their own. Brilliant news! Meanwhile im having a fantastic chat with the groom, arranging the overnight accommodation, planning the food for after the event and how we can make this event the ever lasting memory they desire.

I love handling joint events as I get to talk to both the Hen & Stag! Then I get the individual calls while the others not about asking if I can stitch the other up – The stags wanting me to scare the hell outta the Hens or The Hens wanting us to humiliate the Stag – how would you stitch your partner up?

So, what event do you guys want to enjoy as one big bachelor/bachelorette party? Zombie Boot Camp, Wolfmen, The Asylum or even Alien Experience?

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